It means hiring for potential and growing along with you.

It means being there for a string of firsts, whether it's a job, new car, house, or child.

It means finding people who embody the core values that help us succeed in life everyday.

It means finding the right team members at entry level positions and offering them an opportunity to move successfully along a career path.

Nearly every manager we have in our dealership was promoted, and not hired, into their current position.

That's what Leta for Life means to us.

We follow the Frank Leta Way. We are driven to positively impact the lives of our team members, our clients, and our community. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, achieving business excellence, so we can all enjoy the benefits that come along with it. We provide a fulfilling career and promoting a high quality of life for every member.

If you'd like to follow the Frank Leta Way, consider our open positions below.