At Frank Leta Automotive Outlet, we believe everyone deserves the chance to own nice, reliable transportation. We help our clients find solutions to make every ownership simple, affordable, & enjoyable. We treat our team, our clients, and the community we serve like family.

At Frank Leta it is my mission to help & assist in educating our customers in understanding the importance of what a well paid auto loan can do for their future. I truly feel that we can help our community the most by empowering them to make the life changing decision & to rely upon themselves to achieve this reality. Most people do not fully comprehend the immense feeling of self worth and freedom that owning a like-new reliable vehicle can bring to their lives. The freedom to not have to rely upon others, to be able to come and go as you please, these are simple things that many people take for granted. The self confidence that one experiences from a like new reliable automobile, is one that is truly difficult to explain. The confidence that when it's 15 degrees, not only is your vehicle going to start, but you’re going to have warm heat. The confidence that when it’s 100 degrees outside, not only is your vehicle going to start, but you’re going to have cold comfortable air conditioning. These simple things relieve so much stress in one's life, it truly is immeasurable the positive impacts of what an auto loan can do for a person. I believe it is essential that we show every customer a path to this kind of freedom & self confidence of what a like-new, reliable auto loan can do.

- Jim Olive
General Manager

 Great Selection

We have over 300 quality vehicles to choose from.

 Upfront Value Pricing

Get a great price without spending hours negotiating for it.

 Quality, Quality, Quality

Our vehicles undergo a thorough mechanical inspection for your safety.

 Peace of Mind

Most of our vehicles come with a complimentary 90 day warranty.

 Flexible Financing Options

We work to find you the most favorable interest rate and financing terms available.

 Free Vehicle History Report

We purchase a vehicle history report on every vehicle for your peace of mind.

 A Reputation for Customer Service

We have earned an impeccable reputation in St. Louis by doing business the right way since 1960.

 Hand Selected Vehicles

Not every vehicle that looks good is good. Nearly half of all pre-owned vehicles we buy will not be sold retail because they failed to meet our standards.


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